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We open up new ways to reach and effectively select candidates

Talent’em are people

Our HR-tech company is based on the know-how of recruiters and vision of experienced management. The goal is to modernize the HR industry and bring innovations in recruitment.

Talent‘em was created by merging the job portal Monster CZ with HR consulting. We have combined the acquired knowledge in recruitment with the development of automated artificial intelligence. This provides an easier and faster way to get in touch with candidates. We modernize the recruitment process and demonstrably save time and costs for all parties involved.


Our artificial intelligence

We perceive them as an integral part of the internal team andas a necessary need for modern recruitment in the 21st century.

The development involved not only experienced HR recruiters, but also top IT specialists and psychologists.

Voice-bot Tony – it helps with addressing and preselecting first candidates. He contacts them by phone and schedules a follow-up interview with a recruiter.

EM‘ Search - JD / CV matching algorithm. Search technology that ensures the comparison of CVs of candidates with the job description.

What takes others weeks, you get from us in 10 days.

Key people
Michal Vydrzel


Visionary and opinion leader in HR & recruiting (Ex. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft).

Barbora Smejtek Skolaudy

Head of Recruitment & Business Innovations

Versatile professional with strong knowledge of the recruitment industry. Responsible for talent acquisition team and new technology development.

Petr Batal

Head of Sales

Expert in sales of HR services and business development. He precises recruitment solutions according to the requirements and current needs of our clients. Sales team leader.


Tereza Macalikova

Head of Marketing & Operations

Lover of marketing with an overlap into HR. Brand management and development. PR, B2B and Employer marketing.

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